Professional Event photography is the art of documenting various important occasions with high-quality images, from personal events like galas and quinceaneras to large public gatherings like corporate events, award ceremonies, and music festivals. Weddings can also fit into this category, although wedding photography is usually considered a distinct field. As an event photographer, Thom is exceptionally skilled at capturing photographs of significant activities such as Corporate gatherings/celebrations, Galas, or celebrations of any kind. As an event photographer, he aims to capture the emotions and highlight the gathering for advertising or the client's personal use. Contrary to popular belief, event photographers do not just take pictures. They also compose shots, edit photos after the event, and deliver the final product. A good event photographer should possess imaginative flair, artistic ability, and solid knowledge of photo editing. Strong communication skills and customer service orientation are also a must for this role since they face different types of people at every event. Most clients prefer event photographers whose resumes rely on technical knowledge and expertise.