Cororate and family and Cjhildren Portraits by Thomas Hooke

Hooke Photo Shoot Description

The process starts before the PhotoShoot when we discuss ideas and concepts. On-site, I have a computer setup that lets us see what we are getting. I use strobes, Natural light, or a combination, depending on the situation.

I have working relationships with Stylists to help with Hair, Makeup, and Clothing (I strongly recommend this). After I take all the raw files back to my studio, I process, edit, color correct them, and do whatever else needs to be done. I sort through and make selections, create a webpage, and post that online. You'll receive a link to the webpage in an email. You, your marketing director, family, and/or friends can then review the out-takes. When you narrow your selection to the best, I'll retouch them and send you the files on a Flash Drive or beautifully enlarged prints/albums.

I also can offer you Handmade Individual prints on Art Paper or Canvas surfaces, made personally in my Studio. Sizes range from 4"x 6" to four by five feet. Every PhotoShoot is unique, just as each individual is unique. The choices, styles, and art direction can be as personal or generic as you want.

Thank you for looking at my work.