About Me

groomsmen twirling mustache
  • I love to laugh – and I love romance.
  • I am unapologetically sentimental. Weddings, still choke me up.
  • I take my job very seriously, but I am not a serious person.
  • I frequently dance poorly but with great enthusiasm.
  • My wife tells me I have the best job in the world,I agree with her. She is amazing and makes me laugh. She challenges me to ‘be awesome’
  • I enjoy solving problems because for me it is not just about taking pictures.
  • I love telling visual stories; Let’s tell your story together

My Style

Candid. Natural. Authentic.

I want you to have amazing pictures and I believe the best photos come from moments that happen naturally.

Before the wedding day, I will work with you on your timeline, making sure we streamline the photo process so that you can spend most of your day enjoying yourself with your guests. During portraits, I will guide you through the process and talk to you so that you look your natural best and feel comfortable. The rest of the day – I let the events unfold, without interfering, and capture it as it happens.

My Story

As a small boy, I would sit for hours watching my mother Hand-color Portraits for a local photographer, during the cold winter months, by a fire in our family room. From watching I began taking my own pictures with my first box camera. Fast forward to a restless twenty-something working as a Microbiologist. Taking weddings and portraits on weekends because that was a lot more fun. Eventually I graduated college with an M.A. in Photography and started out in Chicago, by assisting numerous photographers, shooting everything from oranges to weddings. I have been fortunate to have worked all over the world. Photography is more than a job, it’s an avocation, a passion, it's what I do.

To view more of my work please take a moment to visit my corporate website HookePhotography or my facebook page HookePhoto

Thank you!

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Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. And, while you may be proud of your latest Instagram snaps, professional photography takes imagination, style, and perhaps a little less filtering. To show you the bigger picture, we’re offering you a gorgeous portfolio of pics. Whether it’s Business, Corporate, Personal or Professional, the images produced and style should align closely with your needs both creatively and professionally. I work hard to make compelling visual photos that speak to your target audience for your service or product. Click on, dear readers, call me, text or email!

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